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Final week question - Play Saric or Chriss?

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Hello Rotoworld fam,


Well, I have a dilemma with my final week roster.  I'm trying to decide on whether or play Saric or Chriss.


Dario Saric - 6 games but is now not playing Tuesday vs Brooklyn.  Leaves him with a potential of 5 games.

Marquese Chriss - 4 games


Problem is, I don' t know how bad this arm infection Saric is dealing with.  So he's out for the Brooklyn game and Philly is in a back to back scenario.  Their next game is the next evening vs Detroit.  He is due for re-evaluation on Tuesday and I have no idea if he will miss additional games.  I guess I'm at the mercy of the Philly media on his updated status.  As for Chriss, he only has 4 games on tap in the final week and he's been playing well enough to roster and activate. 




Thank you.

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I think there's a chance Saric misses 2 games, but if Chriss plays even a little below the level he's been playing at over the last week Saric is already better per game.

So even if he misses 2 I'd still rather have Saric for 4 games then Chriss.


Especially since Chriss has a track record of being wildly inconsistent, so there's a chance he plays WAY below the level of last week for the final 4.

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