Need ONE Dedicated Replacement Owner for 8 Year Old, 10 Team ESPN H2H Keeper League w/2 Keepers

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We are presently in our eighth year, however, half of this league were all together in another league that the league manager decided to end... so half of this league has been together for around 11 years.


This will wind up being one of the tougher leagues you join as everyone here is dedicated, hard-nosed and in it to win it! 

Usually once an owner joins, they are here for the long haul - this owner that is leaving us now no longer has the time to dedicate to this league as you will need to be dedicated and heavily active... like, daily active.



Some info on the league and the team you will be taking over:


• Ten Team. H2H ESPN Keeper League

• 13 Categories (R, HR, RBI, SB, BB AVG -------- K, W, QS, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP)

• Two Keepers allowed - no rules on your keepers. They can be kept for twenty years if you want them. This team's keepers: Charlie Blackmon and Cody Bellinger.

• 14 Start Limit on pitchers.. we stream a lot, but the 14 start cap keeps it fair. It is not necessary to have to start fourteen each week as your strategy is your strategy, but others have tried not streaming the 14 and it never seems to work out great. You will  stand a better chance streaming.

• Our draft is NOT a snake draft, instead, to make sure teams out of the playoff race keep playing hard against teams fighting for playoff spots, we reward those teams with draft position, so the team with the best record that does NOT make the playoffs (technically the fifth seeded team) will get the first pick in the draft the following season. The team with the worst record in the league winds up with the sixth draft pick... the team that wins it all drafts tenth, the runner up ninth..etc) It makes for great play down the stretch as all the teams are still setting line-ups, streaming pitchers, streaming bats..etc..

• There is no entry fee or annual dues. We did implement an actual trophy this year. The team with the worst record in the league has to pay to ship the trophy to the next winner. 

• Players in this league are VERY knowledgeable and are on top of all these players, from home/away splits, injuries and rookie call-ups - you will need to be QUICK if you want the next big stud off the wire.

... we are spread out between South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.. Three of the members are originally from New York (i'm one of them) ;-)

• There is nice parity in this league as there have been five different champions in the time we have been running this league.

• We have also implemented a balanced schedule which will really make things interesting down the stretch.



What we are looking for from you:


• First and foremost, we just want your dedication... this league will require a lot of your daily time. It doesn't necessarily have to, but if you want to seriously compete, you will likely need to be in it all day from grabbing dropped players, or daily starters or minor league call-ups. The guys that compete are grinders each and every day. That may sound funny talking about a computer version of baseball, but there honestly is no let up.

• We can't possibly enforce any specific strategy, so if you don't want to stream pitchers, that's fine... but your roster should pretty much be set at all times, this means making sure all offensive guys are in the starting lineup each day, no DL guys in your starting lineup, pitchers in your lineup..etc..

• Respond to trade offers. We don't see a lot of low balling in this league, as far as trade offers go. We know the game very well and we all know that the others know the game very well, so you won't see ridiculous trade offers going round. There will be some active trading owners, and some owners that generally stand pat. If you get an offer you don't like, just reply back. it's rather effortless and assures you didn't piss off a potential trading partner for the future.


.. i'm sorry if i sound like this league is "work" or a pain in the a** - but i promise you, it will turn out to be the best league you play in - but it's probably better for you to know the level of this league before joining as to not waste ours or your time.


Also of note - we're not looking for a temporary fill in - we are hoping for you to stick around with us for next few years and share your summers with us. We're a pretty cool group of guys :


Here is a link to our league on ESPN:


You will be inheriting 'Dodger Blue'


If this is the league you think you have finally been waiting for - let us know.

I have a few questions i will follow up with you to see if we could be a good fit.

If there is anything i left out and you would like to know about - ask.


Thanks for your time







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I am interested. 

Email is

Email me any questions you have. I can send you a team I currently run in a very competitive league to show my knowledge. I currently only have 2 teams so definitely have time for this league and would love to join.


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Put me in I am also interested. email I have played in cbs league approx. 7 years. league folded and am interested in playing. I am not in a league now but would like to join. Thanks Sammy.

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