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What's your waiver wire setup? Is it just guys that are dropped that require a waiver claim? When prospects are called up do they get put on the wire? Is there a weekly wire date? Really need to know the waiver wire setup to answer this question.

The only leagues that I participate in where the waiver claim orders are relevant are football leagues, but that's because they usually use weekly wire dates given the nature of football (weekly games). Baseball's different where guys play every day, so in most daily leagues you can pick up any free agents at anytime without using a waiver claim except for guys who have been recently dropped, who need to clear waivers. Under those waiver wire settings I just use my claim anytime I want a player that someone else dropped. Because it's doubtful that someone drops a player that several people want / will use a waiver claim on.

Just as far as Longoria goes though in general, he's a decent player, but he's also 32. So at this point in is career he's nothing special. But he'd be a good player to have in a league that's as deep as yours is. 

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40 minutes ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

Rolling waiver claim priority

i will move to 13 if I use it now

most of the highly touted potential call up Guys are already owned

Oh sorry, I guess I probably should have been more clear. I figured you'd drop down to the bottom of the order, but I'm trying to figure out who's available as a normal non-waiver pick up from free agency and who you would need to put a waiver claim in for. So right now in my league I can pick up any player in free agency without it affecting my waiver priority, except for guys that have been dropped within the last 3 days. For these guys, I'd have to put a waiver claim in for, and would move to the bottom of the priority list if I got him. If nobody claims him off waivers within the 3 days, he becomes a normal free agent. But again, these are only for dropped player. So I'm wondering if your league's like my league, or whether it's a league where if a player is called up from the minors he gets put on the waiver wire, or whether there's a specific period in a week where all free agents get put on the wire and a specific day that the waiver claims go through... or something along those lines. Because in my type of league I'd always use my waiver claim if I wanted the player because the waiver priority has very almost no value. But in a different style of league the waiver priority could be worth more.

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If a player is called up he is put on waivers and u would have to put in a claim to get him..

longo was dropped 2 days ago so I have to put a claim in on him if I want him for sure..if nobody claims him he can be picked up at no cost of a waiver claim

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