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Worth dropping anyone for Melancon? WHIR

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12 TEAM 5x5+ OPS & QS (K is K/9) H2H YAHOO LEAGUE (7 Keepers)

C W.Ramos 1B A. Rizzo  2B O. Albies 3B K.Seager SS A.Bregman OF B.Harper A.Judge L.Cain 

UTL W. Merrifield M. Brantley BN R. Hoskins Y. Puig J. Martinez J. Soto

SP J. deGrom L. Castillo J. Berrios M. Soroka B. Snell C. Anderson  J.A. Happ  DL J. Lucchesi Y. Darvish 

RP W. Davis J. Jeffress


In first currently by about 5 games. Do you think he'll take the job back from Strickland? Got a need for SV but there isn't anyone I clearly see as easily droppable. Only two I was thinking about was Soroka or Jose Martinez (Cards), but Soroka is coming off the DL soon, looked good beforehand, and was the best pitching prospect for the Braves. Jose has cooled off stats-wise, but the upside is impressive.


I'm wondering if I should make a move for Melancon before he comes off the DL, and who would you drop. Is it worth it?


Cheers, WHIR for sure

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