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Juan Soto or Ozzie Albies WHIR!

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12 team NL-ONLY 5x5 keeper roto

We keep 4 players and there are no salaries


I’m in full rebuild mode and I’m trying to build my keepers to be the best.


Currently, my keepers are 


Nolan Arenado

Freddie Freeman

Bryce Harper

Juan Soto


i have a chance to flip Juan Soto and Austin Meadows for Ozzie Albies.


should I take it?


Who do you prefer?




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21 minutes ago, yeah!magnets! said:

Full rebuild mode with freeman Harper and  arenado? What? This is dumb 



edit: I’d keep Soto and meadows 

I sold off bit parts to get those 3...rest of roster is trash.


i basically will lose Meadows for nothing because we can only keep 4.

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27 minutes ago, jmoney23 said:

Well it doesn’t seem like you’d keep Meadows, so it’s whether you’d rather keep Soto or Albies going forward and I would take Albies.

I definitely would not keep Meadows, I’d lose him for nothing.  


It’s Albies vs Soto

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8 hours ago, jahweedum said:

Who are your current, or possible, 2B other than Albies? 


13 minutes ago, sportsfreak2744 said:

What are the 5 roto categories?


If it's standard, I lean Albies because of position

It’s standard 5x5


Other owner is requesting Soto/Meadows and now Stripling...if I’m not keeping Stripling, I guess it’s not a big deal, right?

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This is one of the best threads, i have ever seen here. A 50/50 split in reality.

Albies has the edge of 2B and sb.

But Soto imo, is the better hitter easily.

Soto likely has better career average and hrs

Do you take a elite young 2B, where there aren't many?

Or do you take the better bat?


I probably take Albies, but don't be surprised, if Sotos career is as good, or better.


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