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Looking for Dynasty League

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Hey all,


Active fantasy football player looking to break into the dynasty world. Preferably looking to join a startup league.


League Type:

Prefer 0.5 to Full PPR

Single QB

I can do without K or DST, but not opposed

If startup, splitting rookie and initial draft sounds optimal

Prefer FAAB


Single roster (moderate team size, super deep league may be too much)


Prefer a buy-in less than $50.


Let me know if anyone is looking for members, thanks!

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this is the info of my 12 team dynasty!

Must have groupme

1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 2FLEX no kicker or dst 13 bench spots

.5 PPR, 4point TDs for QBs, Espn fractional scoring

FAAB waivers

Draft date is TBD but will most likely be Tuesday night


Pm if interested

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Why should you join?
Leagues are ultra competitive. Have fun but NOT silly scoring that you find in other dynasty leagues. 16 team leagues with 18 keepers provide a big challenge to fantasy managers. Getting a title in these leagues is supremely difficult, and there are no easy matchups. 

How do you join? 
My email is you can reach me there, or comment with your email if you so wish. All the teams are posted on our website so all you need to do is head there and claim one!

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