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First time Best Ball Draft. Strategy comments

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Here are my picks in order.  I picked 4th.   12 team    1qb, 2 rb  3 wr 1 te.   


1. Zeke

2 Howard

3. M. Evans

4. L Miller

5.  Dam Thomas

6. Jimmy Grahm

7. Tevin Coleman

8.  Devin Funchess

9. Devante Parker

10.  P. Rivers

11.  K  Galloway

12.  Josh Docson

13.  L Blount

14  A.  Dalton

15.  Austin Hooper

16.  John Ross

17.  Sam Bradford

18.  Lamar jackson


Leaving me 


with  QB  Rivers,  Dalton, Bradford, Jackson

Rb  Zeke   Howard  MIller   Coleman  Blount

Wr  Evans    Thomas   Funchess  Parker   Golladay   Doctson   Ross

TE  Graham   Hooper


Obvious weakness is my QB.   I was planning on pick another in 15.  but there was a run  taking away other penciled in starters.   I thought about taking Rosen to go with Bradford instead of Jackson but that would have given me 3 qb's in the same week.


I know i have only 5 rbs.  but i feel my top 3 are very strong and that leaves me with the ability to only have 5.  I think Blount might be a TD vulture in detroit.


In hindsight i probably should have taken 1 less wr and 1 more rb.


I only spent $1.  Was going to do a few more practice 1$ ones then go in a 10 dollar one.






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I think your assessment is a little off. 5 RB's is fine, especially with a couple studs. Unfortunately, I think you reached on your RB's other than Zeke and therefore the entire team isn't as strong as it could be. Miller may be a sneaky pick, but he could easily have a season similar to last and then fall completely off when Foreman gets healthy. Coleman is better for best ball than redraft, but he will have many weeks where Freeman takes all the work. Granted, if Freeman goes down he holds good value. With Blount you are praying for TD's and that Kerryon doesn't end up with them.


As for QB's. You typically only need 2-3. Rivers is a good pick and Dalton is fine as a supplement. Bradford and Jackson are probably wasted spots. Just grab 2 QB's rounds 10-13 and be done with it. If you feel better with 3, then grab your flier when you hit the last tier that you feel comfortable with. For reference you would have only scored under 15 three times last year.


Your wide receivers are pretty fragile. Evans doesn't have his QB for the start of the season, but Fitz can hopefully fill in. Thomas is probably another good value this year. After that, there's a lot of hype. Funchess has to compete with the return of Olsen, a growing role for CMC, and Moore. Parker is Parker. Golladay is behind at least 2 big time guys. Doctson hasn't realized his potential and is also behind 2-3 guys. Ross similarly. This weakness is compounded by the fact that you need 3 WR scores AND a flex. 


TE is thin, hoping for TD's from Graham and for Hooper to be relevant. 


Where could you have improved? Probably by taking another WR instead of reaching for Miller in the 4th, there is usually good WR value there. Plus, you already have 2 strong RB in a format that you only need 2 scores. Saddling RB isn't a bad idea, but I don't think Miller fits the bill. Graham in the 6th was also a big reach when you can get him later or a couple guys with similar upside later. Likely lost out on a WR or the last of the starting RB here. I think trying to pick-up a little more guaranteed volume with your mid WR rather than all hype/upside would have looked a little more solid week to week. Finally picking up a 3rd TE at the end instead of 2 long shot QB's. If you want more depth at WR or RB, saddling a stud TE can work so you can limit your team to 2 TE. Similar story for QB. Don't try to go 2 at both.

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Great analysis by Portlandball.

I agree, you reached wayyy too much and I think you ended up with:

- solid QB

- very shallow RB and WR (and also TE but that's ok)

- no real sleepers/flyers that can save you - at least, I don't believe in guys like Parker/Doctson and would prefer some overlooked rookies like Anthony Miller or Nick Chubb.


I hope I'm wrong of course; good luck regardless!

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