Multi sport ESPN dynasty money league needs owner

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I have two spots total in two of my 4 sport leagues, one in each. The league uses pro boards. Have in depth MiLB systems. Cross sport trading. 12 teams. 40 man rosters. Every owner is trading, bidding on players through proboards everyday. A lot of activity in each league. 8 cat b-ball, standard rosters, hockey is standard 7x7 In depth MiLB system standard rosters with 5 sp 3 RP and 2 P. 2 utl 4 OF, 1 INF h2h each cat 5 ppr standard rosters with additional flex Practice squad for NFL. KEEP ALL.! $20 a sport. Very active and owners are awesome and in multiple leagues of mine throughout the leagues I run and can vouch for me/the leagues. Use groupme chat.


First set: 14 team Damian lillard, P george, Butler, Embiid, Simmons, Saric, J Randle, Porter, Monk, Mirotic, Kanter, Hardaway, Gordon

Acuna, Andujar, Weaver, Profar, Nola Then a stacked prospect team, almost all top 20 prospect team

Malkin and a very nice supporting cast on hockey

Elliot, Kamara, Cousins, Baldwin, Ertz, Jeffrey, Dez, then a very nice defensive IDP, And drafted some nice rookie


Second set: 12 team Goldy, arenado, Correa, DoZier, Andrus, Hosmer, Olson, Dejong, Pham Herrera, Judge, Scherzer, Hendricks, Degrom, Greinke Nice prospect team and relievers

Very nice hockey team headlines by Malkin and Seguin

Wentz, Cook, Guice, M Thomas, Ajayi, D Tomas, Ertz, Hurns, A Robinson, Garcon

Simmons Reddick bron Saric olynk cp3 Millsap horford Fournier Hardaway

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27 minutes ago, Jmott18 said:

If still available, jmott@fandm.edu

Will send open team sets in a few man 

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Have couple very good sets of teams spread out through 3 leagues available for someone to take or a couple owners to join the leagues. 

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2nd and 3rd league sets are only available now


(There might be a 2nd team in the 2nd league available , remind me if interested). 

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