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[Multi] 10-Team / 4-Sport Dynasty (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB) / Fantrax / Auction Drafts / Salary Cap / FAAB / Minor League System / Cross-Trading / $50 Buy-in Per Sport / LeagueSafe

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Fantasy Freaks & Geeks 4-Sport Dynasty League

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Fantasy Freaks & Geeks 4-Sport Dynasty League! This league is only for the most committed and fun-loving fantasy sports players. Our league spans the four major American sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) and unique rules galore. If the thought of playing fantasy sports year-round with a great group of guys (and/or gals) intrigues you, feel free to inquire within!


The basics:

The overall league will consist of four separate fantasy leagues, hosted on Fantrax. There will be 10 owners. The year will begin with football, and then will be followed by hockey, basketball, and finally, will conclude with baseball. Payments will be distributed for winning each league, but a much larger prize pool will be available for being the overall winner over all four sports.


Trading across leagues WILL BE ALLOWED. This means trading Mike Trout and a 2nd Round NFL Rookie Draft Pick for Lebron James is within the realm of possibilities! Players may be swapped at any point throughout the year in trades like this. The commissioner will execute all of these trades on Fantrax, as things can get a little crazy when blockbuster trades like the above go down.

Prize structure:

There will be a buy-in of $50 per sport (meaning a total of $200 buy-in each year).

1st Place in Football, Hockey, Basketball, or Baseball: $150

2nd Place in Football, Hockey, Basketball, or Baseball: $50

1st Place Overall: $750

2nd Place Overall: $350

3rd Place Overall: $100

(Max Prize Money Possible: $1,350)

Finishing 1st in a specific sport will get you 1 point, 2nd place 2 points, and so on. After adding up all of your points across all 4 sports throughout the year, the lowest score will be the overall winner of the league. If there is a tie, the prize money will go to most 1st place finishes, then 2nd place finishes, and so on.

How do you prevent stacking one team (like basketball) and leaving the other teams (like hockey) to suck?

The prize structure does a pretty good job of preventing that. If you really are hellbent on having a great basketball team and getting first place, the $150 win at the cost of your other teams being awful will end losing you $50 in the long run. Additionally, the league-wide salary cap prevents a team from getting too crazily stacked.

Basic format of the leagues:

The specific leagues will vary in roster sizes, scoring, number of keepers, minor league systems, etc. These differences will be touched on in their specific sections. However, there are several ways in which each of the leagues are alike.

The initial draft: As this will be the first year of the league, there needs to be an initial dispersal draft for each of the sports. Each league will have a $200 Auction draft prior to the season where every player, including rookies (besides those in the minor leagues, except for football) will be available to be drafted. The auction price the player sells for will be their salary.

League-wide salary cap: There will be a league-wide salary cap of $800 - meaning that the salary of your players across all 4 sports combined can never be more than $800. If, by trades or free agent bidding, your budget for a particular sport exceeds $200, that is okay, but it will be at the cost of overall budget for the rest of your players in other sports.

Free agent acquisitions: Each team will have an additional $100 budget to spend on free agent acquisitions as they see fit. Remember, it is okay to go over $200 in a particular sport, but it will cost you in others.

Keepers: Each sport will have a specific amount of keepers. Minor league players can be kept at no cost, but professional keepers' salary will increase in value over time, making them impossible to be kept forever. The price increases for keepers by sport are as follows:

  • Football: $6 per year

  • Basketball: $7 per year

  • Hockey: $6 per year

  • Baseball: $4 per year

Minor league keepers will be kept in your roster and remain free (that is, until they begin to see professional action, if they ever do).

Supplemental draft: Obviously, not every player can be kept, meaning that the remainder of non-kept players will have to be re-distributed to teams the following year. This will be accomplished with another Auction Draft prior to the season. Each team's budget will be $200 minus the value of their keepers in that sport.

There will also be a supplemental minor league draft each year for hockey, basketball, and baseball. All minor league players who were not kept will be eligible to be drafted. The draft order will be the reverse of the standings for that sport from the previous year.

Rookie draft: Each year, a rookie draft will be held. All rookies will be drafted at the cost of $1. The draft order will be the reverse of the standings for that sport from the previous year. For every player kept in that sport, you will lose a round in the draft - meaning if you keep 1 player, you lose your first round pick, if you keep 2 players, you lose your first and second round pick, etc. The amount of rounds will vary by sport.

These rules make it so that teams that are bad will have an opportunity to correct themselves by not keeping their players and getting a leg up in the rookie draft.


Head to Head Points

6 Team Playoffs


  • QB / RB / RB / WR / WR / TE / Flex / K / DEF

  • 7 bench spots

  • No IR

  • 5 Taxi Squad spots (rookies only)


  • Passing: 0.04 pts/yard, 4 pts/TD, -2 pts/INT

  • Rushing: 0.1 pts/yard, 6 pts/TD, -2 pts/fumble lost

  • Receiving: 0.1 pts/yard, 1 pt/reception, 6 pts/TD

  • All Offense: 2 pts/2 point conversion, 6 pts/fumble recovered for TD, 6 pts/KR or PR TD, 1 pt/tackle

  • Kicking: 1 pt/XP, -1 pt/XP Missed

1-29 Yards 30-39 Yards 40-49 Yards 50-59 Yards 60+ Yards
3 pts 4 pts 5 pts 6 pts 7 pts
  • Team Defense: 1 pt/sack, 1 pt/FF, 1 pt/FR, 2 pts/INT, 2 pts/safety, 2 pts/2 point conversion return, 2 pts/blocked kick, FG, or XP, 6 pts/TD
0 PA 1-6 PA 7-13 PA 14-20 PA 21-23 PA 24-27 PA 28-34 PA 35-45 PA 46+ pts
10 pts 7 pts 4 pts 2 pts 0 pts -1 pts -3 pts -5 pts -7 pts
0 Yards 1-99 Yards 100-199 Yards 200-250 Yards 251-299 Yards 300+ Yards
10 pts 5 pts 4 pts 3 pts 1 pts 0 pts


  • 6 Keepers (+$6/year)


Head to Head Points

6 Team Playoffs


  • C / C / LW / LW / RW / RW / F / D / D / D / D / Skater / G / G

  • 4 bench spots

  • 1 IR spot

  • 5 Minor League spots


  • Skating: 4 pts/goal, 2.5 pts/assit, 1 pt/power play point, 1.25 pts/short handed point, 0.25 pts/shot on goal, 0.4 pts/block, 0.4 pts/hit, 0.2 pts/penalty minute, 0.25 pts/plus minus

  • Goalkeeping: 3 pts/win, -1.5 pts/loss, 2.5 pts/shutout, 0.24 pts/save, -1 pt/goal against


  • 7 Keepers (+$6/year)


Head to Head Categories

6 Team Playoffs


  • PG / SG / G / SF / PF / F / C / C / Flex / Flex

  • 4 bench spots

  • 1 IR spots

  • 4 G League spots


  • Categories: FG %, FT %, 3 Pointers Made, Assists, Blocks, Points, Rebounds, Steals, Turnovers (-)


  • 6 Keepers (+$7/year)


Head to Head Categories

6 Team Playoffs


  • C / 1B / 2B / 3B / SS / OF / OF / OF / Utility / Utility / SP / SP / SP / RP / RP / P / P / P / P

  • 5 bench spots

  • 3 IR spots

  • 7 Minor League spots


  • Hitting Categories: Home Runs, On Base %, On Base + Slugging, Runs, RBI, Stolen Bases

  • Pitching Categories: ERA, Holds, Strikeouts, Quality Strats, Saves, WHIP


  • 10 Keepers (+$4/year)

How to Join

Regarldess of which method you use to join, make sure you include your e-mail address. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

I look forward to playing with you!

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On 8/16/2018 at 7:08 PM, derekaces said:

Any spots open.


Sorry for late response - still interested?


Still 5 spots open

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