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Thoughts on my one and only team

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I decided to step it back to just 1 league this year. Really haven’t invested much time on my research. It’s a 12 team standard redraft. Thanks in advance.


QB-C Newton

RB-M Gordon

RB-J Howard

WR-S Diggs

WR-L Fitzgerald

WR-M Goodwin

TE-K Rudolph

K-G Zuerlein




QB-M Trubisky 

RB-M Ingram

RB-F Gore

RB-K Dixon

WR-E Sanders

WR-R Woods

WR-K Golladay

WR-D Westbrook 


Any glaring holes? Thanks again.

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I love your RB, TE, K and DEF.  You have some real solid depth on the bench as well.


I'm thinking, though, that you need another quality WR.  Diggs is great and Fitz is solid but aging.  I don't think it's urgent, but if you find you need another quality WR3 in a few weeks,  I'd consider your options.  Not bad overall, though!

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