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31-team hockey dynasty startup! $75 buy-in, all details inside

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Fantasy Freaks & Geeks Dynasty

Welcome to FF&G Dynasty fantasy hockey! This league aims to create a deep, realistic fantasy hockey experience for all 31+ participants. This post will be very detailed regarding the ins-and-outs of the league, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment or send me a PM. Without further ado, here at the league details!


League Name: Fantasy Freaks & Greeks Dynasty - shortened to FF&G Dynasty or FF&G

Host: Fantrax Premium

Buy-in: $75

Format: Semi-weekly (Monday-Thursday & Friday-Saturday) head-to-head points for 40 periods (20 weeks), followed by a 16 team best-of-3 playoff lasting 12 periods (6 weeks)

Teams and Scheduling

Number of Teams: 31 (all named after current NHL teams. These names cannot be changed)

Divisions: 4 divisions (mimicking the current conferences/divisions in the NHL)

Schedule: 40 periods of head-to-head matchups.

  • Eastern Conference: 3 matchups against each team in division, 2 matchups against each team in opposing division, 3 inter-conference matchups

  • Central Division: 3 matchups against each team in divison, 3 additional matchups against a team in division, 2 matchups against each team in opposing division, 3 inter-conference matchups

  • Pacific Division: 3 matchups against each team in division, 2 additional matchups against a team in division, 2 matchups against each team in opposing division, 3 inter-conference matchups


Roster size: 23

Starters: 6

  • 1 C

  • 1 LW

  • 1 RW

  • 2 D

  • 1 G

Bench: 17

Injured Reserve: No limit

  • If a player is placed on the Injured Reserve, they must remain for at least 7 days

Minor League Affiliate: 27 spots

  • The Minor League Affiliate spots will be used purely for rookies (per NHL rules)

  • Once a player is 26 or older, or has accrued more than 25 games played, they will not be eligible for a Minor League Affiliate spot

Roster Trimming:

  • After each year's rookie draft, but prior to the first game of the season, each team must trim their roster down to 23 players + 27 minor league players. The remainder of the players will become free agents, available to acquire by everybody else in the league.



  • Goal: 1

  • Short-Handed Goal: 1.5

  • Power Play Goal: 0.7

  • Assist: 0.5

  • +/-: 0.1

  • Penalty Minute: -0.05


  • Minute played: 0.01

  • Shot Against: 0.06

  • Goal Allowed: -0.6

Lineups and Transactions

Lineups are set semi-weekly (one period begins Monday and another period begins Friday) and players lock one minute before their first game of the period begins.

There is no limit to trades and no vetoing system - however, the commissioner will listen to league feedback and reserves the right to veto a trade that threatens the competitive balance of the league.

The trade deadline is the 40th day before the last day of the NHL regular season. For the 2018 season, the trade deadline is 02/25/2019.

FAAB is in play and all free agents will be acquired this way. You will be afforded a $200 budget (minimum bid of $0, bid increments of $1) to use to acquire free agents throughout the season. Bids process on Mondays and Fridays at 12:30PM. If two teams bid the same amount, the lowest ranked team in the standings wins the bid.

Dynasty Format

This league does not employ salaries or contracts. However, a keeper format is employed.

After each year's Stanley Cup Finals, teams must select 14 players on their roster to keep for the following year. These players will be tracked on a spreadsheet.

Players may be kept for a maximum of 3 years. However, each year, you may designate 1 of your kept players as a "designated keeper" - this player is kept, yet a year of their 3-year maximum is not used.

Following the keeper selection designations, there will be a period of free-agent bidding. A $500 budget will be assigned to each team and all players that were released by teams (i.e. not kept) will be available to be acquired.

All players still considered rookies by NHL standards at the end of the season may be kept with no penalty (does not count as one of your 14 keepers and does not count as a kept year). This supports teams with deep farm systems.


A 50-round startup draft will be held where rookies and veterans are available to be drafted. It will be a slow draft (1 hour pick clock) and will begin on September 1, 2018 at 10:00AM EST. Pick trading is disallowed throughout the draft. Draft order is randomized.

There will be a rookie draft every year (excluding this, the first year).

  • Rounds: 7

  • Time Limit: 3 minutes

  • Pick Trading: Pick trading is allowed throughout the draft and during the year. Draft picks may be traded for other draft picks or players. Picks may be traded up to 4 years in advance.

  • Draft Order: Draft order will be the reverse order of the standings for the previous year

Buy-ins and Payouts

Buy-in: $75

Pot: $2,400 - $80 (Fantrax Premium Fee) = $2,320


  • Stanley Cup Champion: $700

  • Stanley Cup Runner-Up: $400

  • Eliminated in Semifinals: $100 (x 2 = $200)

  • Eliminated in Quarterfinals: $50 (x 4 = $200)

  • Eliminated in First Round: $20 (x 8 = $160)

  • Most Points in a Period (Regular Season): $6 (x 40 = $240)

  • Highest Scoring Week (Regular Season): $100

  • Highest Scoring Season (Regular Season): $100

  • Highest Winning Streak: $100

  • Largest Margin of Victory (Regular Season): $60

  • Smallest Margin of Victory (Regular Season): $60

All money is handled and kept safe in LeagueSafe.

How to Join

Regardless of which manner you use to apply for the league, remember to include your e-mail address and which team you are interested in purchasing.

Thank you and I look forward to playing with you!

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Just a handful. Shouldn't stop you from joining. I'm confident we'll fill

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