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Shai-Gilgeous Alexander 2018-19 season outlook

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If ESPN can't get this guy a headshot 5 weeks into the season there's no way you're getting another position tag.

It's so easy to spot those who missed out on SGA. 

Look at how he reads the defense. Doesn't rush his shots. Uses his length (7 ft wingspan) and timing to block Middleton and Bledsoe.  This kid doesn't play like a rookie and needs to be rostered in

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2 hours ago, fabrar said:

Ranks are pretty pointless. What matters is how he's contributing to your team. I have a hard time seeing how a guy with PG/Sg eligibility providing blocks and solid scoring on high %s can't be a great addition to any team. No one is touting him as a top 30 player - pretty much everyone got him off the wire and taking that into account, he's providing very good returns. 


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1 hour ago, THE_MAGIC_MAN said:

I really like how posied SGA is and how he contributed in steals & blocks. Currently the weakest link on my roster so I'm thinking of swapping SGA for BogBog

I am probably going to do the same after his game today...or I may try to package him and send him off. 

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10 minutes ago, FreeJordanBell said:

let’s hope he plays OT. this game was way too grindy, can’t blame him

He came out but barely lasted a minute.


During the first offensive set for the Clippers you could hear Doc shouting from the sidelines: "SHAI SHAI DAMN IT SHAI". 

Shai just kind of just gave him a puzzled look and he was benched immediately afterwards. It shows the rookie is still on a short leash at times with veterans on the bench ready to step in. 

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