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Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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RHJ could definitely break out this year, along with  D Lo, and Levert, while Jarret Allen holds down the Center position well.   The Nets are on the upswing, in general, and have a great cu

I'm in a competitive 12 man and I drafted this dude in late 7th... I know I know.  Feel free to clown, I deserve it. I just loved what he did last year and thought he could be a beast this year,

Bro u telling me.   I held SGA right up until the day before he broke out. And of course someone picks him up right as i drop him.   Then i traded brogdon for RHJ cause i needed re

12 minutes ago, thornton1986 said:

Don’t understand this guy’s low minutes. Wtf


he can't shoot, with how the game has changed....everyone wants shooters on the floor now. that also explains why dudley starts over him.

honestly, i don't see RHJ taking dudley's starting spot. RHJ might be a better contributer but today's game is a shooter's game

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I'm still holding him, but I'm not optimistic, think he could become a trade candidate.  He's a solid fantasy contributor, but as fantasm mentioned, he'd a poor shooter (FG and FT).  He puts up defensive stats, but is a poor defender.


I've watched him closely as I drafted him in several leagues and it's clear that he's often a space cadet on the floor.  He doesn't play smart on offense or defense and probably hasn't gotten much better since he entered the league.  I thought he would get a boost when LeVert went down, but now I think that Crabbe is the guy that gets the biggest boost.  I picked up Crabbe everywhere on Sunday and was rewarded with his huge game the other night.  Crabbe's a streaky player and should be about to go on a run.


Dudley does all the little things and is the anti RHJ, don't think he loses his job.

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This is why even though I just s--- all over RHJ a few days ago on here, I also said I was holding him.  Largely because of the possibility this would happen.  I doubt Atkinson is keen on the move, but with  LeVert out and this team not going anywhere it makes sense from an organizational level to get a young stat collector like RHJ minutes so that he can become a more valuable trade chip.  If you can tolerate his FT% he should be must start going forward

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1 hour ago, welcometothejam said:

I dropped him. Can't justify keeping a low ceiling guy that has ridiculous minutes fluctuations. 

You missed the massive shift in context with him moving into the starting lineup. Who knows where his minutes settle as a starter, but the leash should have been longer than 1 game if you held him to this point. And he played 30 minutes in his one start. I don't know what you were hoping for. The best possible news was for him to be starting. 


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Atkinson still doesn't seem thrilled about starting him and even though he got 30 minutes, he played the same ****ful game he's played all year.  Again still holding, but Atkinson's lack of endorsement doesn't encourage me.  The other factor is that Demarre Carroll isn't fully healthy yet and is a better basketball player than Rondae, as he feels better Carroll's leash will shorten, but let's see how he does tonight.

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