Free ESPN 14-team ROTO keeper league looking for a replacement owner

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The league is entering it's 12th season, with very minimal turnover.  One of the less active owners has suddenly abandoned his team and I haven't been able to reach him.   Looking for an active and knowledgeable owner to take over the team


We keep 5 players year to year, and the keeper deadline is Thursday, October 4th at 5:00 PM Eastern.  Followed by the draft on Sunday, October 7th at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.  The team has the 3rd pick in the first non-keeper round of the upcoming draft.


League settings

This is the team that needs replacement

Please leave your E-mail address if interested.


There is a very long term owner who also hasn't responded to roll-call, so in theory I may have to replace there as well, so leave your E-mail if there is already someone ahead of you, and I will let you know if another spot opens up.

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Have another spot open in a different league with the same settings and history (11th season, 5 keepers year-to-year).  Keeper deadline is Friday, Oct 5, 5:00 PM Eastern, followed by the draft on Monday, Oct 8, 9:00 PM Eastern.


This is the team that needs replacement, has the 3rd pick in the upcoming draft


Please leave your E-mail if interested.

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