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NEW $200 16 Team AUCTION Standard 8 Cats h2h - FANTRAX - Draft Oct 14

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Hello All,


I am experienced LM and been running leagues for 10+ years (despite my low post count here). After ESPN changed its layout and making some research, I decided to "take my talents to Fantrax". I do believe its the best platform right now and will play exclusively on it for the first time.


This league will carry on from my most successful 10 year league called "Champs vs Noobs". With this new system, not all people will come back to play (I also increased entry fee by $100). Settings are very simple and provides the perfect balance of depth with WW just enough to keep it interested. I have played all formats, 10 teams, 12, 14, 20 etc. I have come to find out that 16 teams is the ideal format for many reasons, including having 4 divisions (you play 2 times vs your division and 1 time vs the rest). We also cut the last 10 days or so of the NBA regular season to keep away from intentional rests and injuries in real life. 7 teams make playoffs and playoffs are 1 week for first round (with top seed getting bye), and semis and finals are 2 weeks.




League entry fee is $200 payable directly through Fantrax Treasurer! You can also pay via PayPal in case you want to.


Summary of rules:

1) 16 Team League - $200 ENTRY FEE: $3,200 TOTAL PRIZE MONEY!

2) H2h with 8 Standard Cats

3) No keepers, AUCTION DRAFT. $200 Auction budget.

4) 14 roster spots (PG, SG, SF, PF, C, 5 Util, 4 bench) and 1 IR

5) 7 teams make Playoffs

6) 2 FA pickups per matchup during regular season and only 1 allowed in Playoffs


Total Prize pool 16 x $200 = $3,200 paid out as follows:

    1. 1st Place - $900 and Non-Refundable $200 re-entry fee for next year.

    2. 2nd Place - $600 and Non-Refundable $200 re-entry fee for next year.

    3. 3rd Place - $350 and Non-Refundable $200 re-entry fee for next year.

    4. 4th Place – $150 - and Non-Refundable $200 re-entry fee for next year.

Highest weekly stat (for all 8 cats) - $50 each for a total of $400.


Full rules here:


League Join Link (note that I am still tweeking Fantrax settings so what counts in case of difference is the rules above):


Please PM or email to if you are interested. Guaranteed the best league you can find, very well run!

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