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Best FA Pick-Up?

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Drafted Justice Winslow with the last pick in my 14 teamer (standard 9 cat H2H), which I felt meeeeeh about at the time.  Now that the draft is over I see a lot of people I could drop Winslow for. 


Which is is the best option?  Don’t have a particular position/stat I’m looking to fill, just the best fantasy player:


• Alex Len

• Harry Giles

• Willy Hernangomez 

• Josh Hart

• Rajon Rondo

• Kelly Oubre

• Tyler Johnson

• Wesley Matthews

• Danny Green

• Bam Adebayo 

• Jeremy Lin

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Josh hart is very intriguing if he can take the job from kcp I’d probably choose him help with mine please

7 hours ago, Biged1119 said:

10 team 9 category standard.. drafted 9th 


Damian Lillard 

klay thompson 

Mike Conley 

brandon Ingram 

Nikola Jokic

Blake griffin

DeAndre ayton

bobby portis

Luka donic 

dennis Smith jr

Malcom brogdon

Rudy gay 

demarcus cousins


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Len for now is best option. Keep an eye on Willy and Giles. I doubt Hart will be starter until KCP is in town (LBJ`s buddy). But if some injury occured (which in LAL is sure thing, the question is when), then Josh Hart will give top 75 value immediately. This guy is so talented, but in bad situation. The rotations of Luke are awfull, too.

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