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te trade-- kittle..howard. help!


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In a tough spot, started out 1-5. full point per, 12 team. offered two trades, any help is apprecaited


1. Trade away Geronimo Allison & Carlos Hyde- get George Kittle in return


2. Trade away Drake and get OJ Howard in return 


12 team, full point ppr


QB- Matt Ryan           Bench- Russell Wilson

WR- OBJ, Julio Jones, Alshon Jeffery     Bench-  Kellan Cole, Geronimo Allison, Taylor Gabriel, Cam Meredith

RB- Nick Chubb, Matt Breida             Bench-  Kenyan Drake, Carlos Hyde, Raheem Mostert

TE- Cameron Brate

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It’s close for me, you’re so thin at rb that I’d almost rather do deal 2 just to keep Hyde to see how he does in Jacksonville. Odds are he’s splitting carries there tho so I’d likely pull the trigger on 1. 

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Do trade 1. Kittle has been great this year. Also gives you a roster spot to pickup an upside player off WW. 


Option 2 will give you both TB TEs. Think you will be frustrated trying to pick which one will produce each week. They split time. Kittle is the man in San Fran

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