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SNF/MNF - What do you need?


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4 hours ago, FitzMagic said:

I just need Dalvin to not pull a Derrick Henry or Amari Cooper, since I'm 50 points clear right now. 

Similar boat but I think I got mine


Dalvin cook + diggs vs Lockett + 68 points 


1 pt ppr 

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11 minutes ago, CharlieWhitehurst said:

I need Chris Carson to have an average game and Thielen to not go off.

I'm up by 17 points in a .5 PPR league. 


I need Carson to score no more than Thielen. So let us hope they both get 0 and we are all happy.

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League 1:  Need Wilson to outscore Bailey by 2 points (this should happen).


League 2:  Need 16.5+ from Diggs in half PPR.  Man I want this one to happen so bad.  I would give my soul to the fantasy gods for this happen.

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My playoff opponent will be determined by none other than Tyler Lockett tonight. One team needs 13 points out of him in standard to hold his playoff spot (The team I'd prefer to play against), the other team needs him not to get 13. (Chubb, Ingram, Zeke, Evans, Ertz, Edelman, etc on his team.)

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I survived S.Barkley, Mahomes Juju and Gronk this week.  

My opponent was the #1 seed and i'm the #8 seed.  

whew....thank goodness for AMARI COOPER...picked up on WW after the trade.



This was the worse draft I ever had.   My #1 pick(David Johnson) was worst of the first rd.   3rd pick (J.Howard) was worst of the 3rd rd.  AJ Green will have missed several weeks this season.   Hogan sucked (not sure what I was thinking there)

Engram was a bust.   Kupp and Gascon on IR.   Just a horrible draft.


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25 minutes ago, joebaker23 said:

Some person out there had to have won or lost their playoff matchup after that Seattle defensive TD.


Wasn't a playoff matchup but my opponent would've made the playoffs if they beat me.

The Seattle Def TD put them ahead of me but then they lost it when Minnesota got that last second td.

They lost the matchup by under a point.  I won the matchup but dang, I felt bad for them especially since it was a meaningless matchup for me.

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