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SNF/MNF - What do you need?


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I'm so frustrated. Cooks could have made things easy tomorrow night for me but now I'm down by 30 in .5 PPR with Kamara, Michael Thomas, and Ian Thomas. Based on how the Saints have used these two the past few weeks, I'm not liking my chances.

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Up 28.3 in standard with my MT vs his CMC...should have it but CMC season high of 36 and a poor MT game can still lose me it.


Other league up 14 in standard with my Brees vs CMC.



So if CMC could stay under 20 thatd be great 

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10 team standard:


I'm up 15 with my Michael Thomas versus his CMC.


8 team 1pt PPR:


I'm up 55 with my Michael Thomas against his Brees, CMC, and Lutz.


I'm clearly in the driver seat, but easily can lose both matches.


I had Ertz in both leagues....talk about ****ting the bed.

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12-team full PPR league.  I’m down 14.5.  He still has Kamara and I have Cam and CMC.  I’m worried about Cam’s arm, but it’s winnable.  Sad part is we are the two best teams in the league.  This would have been a much better finals. 

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1 hour ago, Saucy said:

League 1: Down 18.4, I have Kamara (standard)


League 2: Up 19.5, he has Kamara (standard)


If by some miracle I pull both of these out, good god will I be a happy man.

lol oh man, here's for Kamara 19 on the dot!

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Just now, LZD said:

Up 28 in standard 


He has Brees and Michael Thomas


I have Curtis Samuel


Do I have a chance?


Just pray for no MT TDs only rushing TDs by Kam/Ing/Hill.  


Samuel could be serviceable with lucky TD.  Will be close if no Thomas TD in addition to no Breesy bombs. 

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