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Rate my trade and new team to help improve plz. Whir


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So I just pulled off a three way trade. So basically I traded kemba/butler/levert and received ad/McCollum/ingles. How did I do? Kinda feel like I gave up a lot but it is ad. 


Also so how is my (semi punt assist) team now?

pg: Bledsoe, collison

sg: McCollum, harris

sf: Covington, ingles

pf: ad, ibaka, siakam, isaac

c: kat, Allen, wcj

IR: collins


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Nah i like the trade for you. Giving up Kemba and butler hurts but AD is on another level and mccollum and Ingles are solid too.

Also your team is crazy stacked for a 12team league. Barring injuries i cant imagine you not winning..

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