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??? Sell either Kamara or Conner? WHIR

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So I'm in a 2 QB, .5 PPR league. My team is currently:


QB: Wentz

QB: Carr/Mullens/Jameis

WR: Julio

WR: Boyd

WR: Demaryius

RB: Gurley

RB: Kamara

TE: Burton

Flex: Conner

DST: Chicago


Bench: Le'Veon, Baldwin, Kirk, DJ Moore, Aaron Jones


It's also a value-based keeper league with up to 3 keepers. I know for sure I am keeping Wentz and other good keepers are Kamara (13th round), Conner (14th round), Aaron Jones (9th round). Since I have so many RBs I'm trying to leverage them. Which of the deals below would you do or none at all to push for a championship?


Deal A: Kamara and Mullens for Andrew Luck and AB.

Deal B: Conner/Bell for Mariota and Saquon. 


In either deal I can't really keep any of the players I am receiving. Just a matter of where I want to improve. Mariota isn't obviously much improvement but it's another option while not losing much at RB. On the other hand I upgrade well with Luck but will be more dependent on flexing somebody. Is it worth selling one of these great keepers or just stay the course? I hate the idea of guessing between Carr, Mullens and maybe Jameis the rest of the season. Thanks for any advice!


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I like getting Luck / AB.

QB: Wentz/Luck

WR: Julio/AB/Boyd

RB: Gurley/Conner (maybe Bell)

TE: Burton

Flex:DT or A Jones

After this week, only bye week you have to worry about is Gurley's, but you can put Jones there & flex DT, Baldwin, or someone else. 

Both Mariota's & Luck's playoff schedules are tough, but I will take Luck over Mariota, when it comes to playing against tough defenses. Obviously a much better passer.

Although it is tempting to run Gurley, Kamara, & Barkley at RB/Flex ros. Guess I can't blame you if you chose that option as well. Would only need a decent game from Mariota with those RB/WR group. lol!!

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