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Vucevic for Capela + Westbrook

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This is an 8-team, H2H, 9-cat league. You can only set your roster once for the whole week. We have PG/SG/G | SF/PG/F | C/C | Util Util | 3x Bench, 1 IL

I have Kyrie, Butler, Wall | Harris, AD, Draymond | Vucevic, Carter Jr. | Hardaway, LeVert starting this week. My bench is Myles Turner, Conley, and Fournier (Porzingis IL).


I'm currently 7th for FG%, 7th for FT%, 5th in 3PTS, 5th in PTS, 7th in REB, 3rd in AST, 1st in STL (by a lot), 2nd in BLK, and 4th in TO.


At first, I was thinking I should definitely accept this trade, but the more I look at it the less slam-dunk it seems. Capela has some kind of injury that has limited him all season, and Westbrook's ankle roll looked horrific. Westbrook will probably tank my TO. He should help in PTS and REB once he's healthy. Capela should help in REB but if I lose Vucevic for him I'd be punting both FG% and FT%.


What do you think?


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Dude wtf?


your getting RUSS AND CAPELLA for Vuc?!


am I missing something...did I read something wrong?!


you couldn’t even net Russ with Vuc annnnd Capela typically let alone the other way around 


take it asAp!!!

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Ok, haha. Wasn't sure if I was overthinking it. Relatively new to fantasy basketball (this whole league is, obviously).


Who should I drop? Conley? Or maybe Myles Turner?

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