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Short keeper trade WHIR


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I’m basically out of it this year.


I can keep Kamara for a 12th (done) and Conner for a 13th


Guy wants Conner and offered a 1st round + my choice of any of the following players..Kerryon (5th), Michel (6th), or Aaron Jones (10th). 


Would you stay stay put or trade for the extra 1st round plus RB2?


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Just now, TheForearmShiver said:

1st and Aaron Jones is tempting. I can’t believe you’re out of it with Conner and Kamara though. You might just want to hold those two as they’re top 3-5 guys overall and locks to be studs next year. I’d hold. They might just help you run the table this year. 

Not out of it 5-5, started MVS last night other guy had Adams










bench: Tate Baldwin Sutton 


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I have found in keeper leagues that there is very little remaining at the top for a quality 1st round pick anyways. In my league which allows 2 keepers the only traditional 1st round picks left to bid on were rookies like Saquon and Melvin and zeke and that was it. I would certainly hold onto kamara and Connor for the short and long term. There are going to be new rooks like Kerryon sand michels every year in the 3rd rounds that Can be had but 2 top 5 picks past the 12 th is invaluable 

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Even though you acquire more equity by making one of those trades, I think you need to stand pat with Conner and Kamara. You're talking about two top 5-6 RBs that you are keeping heading into next year. Not sure I'd let that go just to acquire more equity.

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