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In need for some changes

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Hello everyone. So, I am in a  17 cat h2h league, 8 teams 20 players (13 active, 7 bench) my team is 






Tj waren 

Tobias Harris 











tristian Thompson 

John Collins 

Jordan clarkson 

Dj Augustine 

S.g. Alexander 



Rondo IR


My problem is that I don’t feel safe with my primary SF SG spots. Batum is just not working for me, oubre is not there just yet, and my team feels like it needs someone for one of these spots (since DeRozan is listed as SF/SG) 

On the other hand I have got plenty of PFs and Cs in my team filling the spots. So I thought it would be nice to Trade a C or PF for SG or SF. I got an offer to give Tobias Harris for Garry Harris and JJJ, but it doesn’t feels right since THarris has a great season. The same guy is interested in Harrel too. Should i trade tharris for gharris and jjj? Should I suggest giving Harrel ? I am in need for some 3s steals and blocks while I am fine with my  rebounds and points. On the other hand I would like to sell high on kanter or give away milsap but I got no interesting offers yet. Any other suggestions? 

Thank you very much ! 

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20 minutes ago, HotSauce24 said:

How about trading Warren for a top 50 player?

I was thinking about that too, but I still need one more Sg or sf

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I’d consider the t Harris for g Harris and JJJ and dropping clarkson... just cause g Harris is under performing and should start to heat up and the upside of JJJ is actually insane... you’ll get the 3s from g Harris and the defensive stats from JJJ if you do that trade btw...


can you help with mine? 

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You have to be careful about G.Harris cause when Barton comes back in a few weeks Harris stats might take a dip I would pair Harrell and warren for a decent SG or SG/SF 

help me with mine 


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