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Potential #1 or #2 waiver...whir

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FatHeads Trade Depot team in sig. Have #3 waiver & the 2 teams in front, are out of the playoffs. Could give me the #1 or #2 waiver. Top FA: Coutee, Reynolds, J Adams, Gus.

Have 1 open slot.

#1: Use it to pick up 1 FA or hold onto it & just see if anyone clears? 

#3: Butker out this week. If I don't use my waiver, should I pick up M Bryant for this week & stash Butker, or should I just drop Butker for Bryant & roll with him ros?

#3: If Coutee clears, drop Cooper for him? Thanks!





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1&3: How competitive is this league? Of the 4 you mentioned, Coutee has the highest chance to clear in my opinion. If it is at all competitive, the other three won't clear...maybe even all four. If he does, yeah, I'd drop Cooper for him. Cooper is a bum. You are set at RB so I don't think you need to burn your #1 on Adams or Gus. I guess you could use it on Reynolds, but youre not hurting at WR either. I might sit on it.

2: Butker's missed PATs lately is a little concerning, but so is Bryant's hamstring this season. If you do pick up bryant, you could probably drop butker,


Thanks for the help with mine


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