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Is Levert worth it?

Ontario Joe

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Been offered the following Caris Levert and either Wayne Ellington or Mario Hezjonia for Bobby Portis and Mikal Bridges. Should I do it?


The league is H2H 9 cat. Keep 8 plus 2 players under 100 games. At this point, I am a small ball team but short on 3s and points. The team offering this is likely a top 3 team and I am likely a 6 or 7 seed (14 team league). Realistically the top 3 teams are dominate, so while I am a playoff team, I will need some luck to win. My thoughts on keepers are Booker, Jokic, Collins, Dipo, Middleton, Bledsoe, OPJ and either Dunn Or Siakim. My under 100 keeper candidates are SGA/Mitch Rob and Mikal Bridges.


Should I go for Levert and Ellington and try and be small ball dominate or keep Portis and try and compete in Rebounds as well? Is trading Bridges and his potential worth it?


Current roster is as follows:

Devin Booker

Victor Oladipo

Nikola Jokic

Kris Middleton

Eric Bledsoe

John Collins


Pascal Siakim

Mitch Rob

Mikal Bridges

Kyle Anderson

Kris Dunn (IL)

Bobby Portis (IL)

Wilson Chandler


Thomas Santoransky

MIke Scott

Cody Zeller

TJ McConnell

Kelly Olynyk


Thanks for the help!

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