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My Jokic for Kawhi???

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Need some help (or maybe just a push) with this trade.  My Joker for Kawhi, im currently sitting in #2 spot in a 12 team 11 cat league (fgm,ftm).


Pg: Ben Simmons

Sg: Gordon Hayward

G:  Eric Bledsoe

Sf: Danillo Galinari

Pf: Nikola Jokic

F: Nikola Mirotic

C: Hassan Whiteside

Ult: Domatas Sabonis

Ult: DeAaron Fox


Rudy Gay

Jarret Allen

Markieff Morris

Emanuelle Mudiay 



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I am going to say the opposite from everyone else here and say to take Kawhi if you can. You are already very strong in rebounds and blocks and you can take the hit by losing Jokic. Kawhi makes your team better in : points, threes, steals, worse in FG but still strong, worse in blocks but still strong, your free throws are weak but they get better, FG is still really good, better in TO's, better in FGM & better in FTM. Honestly he makes your team so much better lol.

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Thank you everyone, LaBron, thank you for the push, u hit every point that i was using to convince myself to pull the trigger.  I have an abundance of rebs/assists/blks.   Really need points and fgm/ftm.  

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