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Pick 2 RBs & 1 Flex -- Jackson, Williams, etc WHIR

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I plan to start Nick Chubb, but beyond that .  . . not sure how to fill my lineup at RB and Flex (WR slots are locked), and not sure if will be available before Thursday game tonight.  So pick 2RB and 1 flex out of these.  This is my tentative order; obviously what I really need to know now is whether to play Justin Jackson, Damian Williams, or (gulp) both, TONIGHT.  Thanks!  And leave a link!


Nick Chubb @DEN 

Justin Jackson @KC (if hear Gordon out)

Gus Edwards vs TB 


Matt Breida  vs SEA (assuming not ruled out)

Damian Williams vs LAC 

Josh Adams @LAR 

Josh Gordon @PIT

Justin Jackson @KC (if Gordon starting or unclear)


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Here is my order of players to play


1.  Chubb obviously 

2. Jackson

3. Damien

4. Gus

5. Josh Adams


Good luck!! 


Help with mine?

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Chubb and Jackson (if Gordon is inactive) and I'd lean either Damien Williams or Josh Gordon. Williams if you want a safer floor, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a committee tonight for KC. 

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You have to just trust in the elite offenses of KC/ will be high scoring. There will be opportunity. I say Williams is a lock...but Jackson could be debatable if Gordon plays. I'd still roll with him though. 


By the way as I typed this out I just watched Williams score a TD on the game playing on Fate. 





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