Long-term Keeper/Hybrid Dynasty Roto League Needs An Owner

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We are mixed league Roto league looking for one replacement owner.  It is not a "true" dynasty league but the minor leaguers you draft can be kept for 8 years once activated so it is a league with long-term keepers.


We use Fantrax and cost is $58 dollars ($50 for prize pool and $8 for the website).


It is a basic 5x5 Roto League with 13 hitters, 9 pitchers, 4 bench and 8 minor leaguers for the roster.  everything pretty straightforward, but here are the keeper rules:


No limit on number of keepers you can keep but each player you keep will impact following year's draft order as follows:
1) Cannot keep a 1st round pick
2) 2nd & 3rd round picks move up one round in the following draft
3) 4th, 5th, & 6th move up two rounds in the following draft
4) 7th - 11th move up three rounds in the following draft
5) 12th - 17th move up four rounds in the following draft
6) 18th - 26th move up 􀂡ve rounds in the following draft
7) Undrafted MLB players will be assigned 22nd round costs with the decimal representing the week that he was originally claimed (counting backwards -
i.e., player picked up in week one is 22.26, player picked up in week two is 22.25, week 3 is 22.24, etc.).
8) Players promoted from Minor League (if undrafted) while in season will be assigned a 24th round pick.
9) Prior to setting Keepers and in preparation for the draft, owners may promote players from their farm system into earlier picks starting with round 26,
then 25, then 24, and so on.
10) Minor leaguers drafted after the 26th round will have a 34th Round cost assigned to them.
11) If you have multiple players with the same keeper value that you wish to retain, it will cost you an earlier round pick (i.e., two 4th round value keepers
means you give up your 3rd and 4th round picks with the player being drafted earlier being assigned the earlier pick).
12) If you have two picks in a round and only plan to keep one player, that player will be assigned the later pick in the round (e.g., if you have overall picks
#14 and pick #19 of the 2nd round, the player would be slotted as the 19th pick).
13) Players picked up on or after September 1 will not be eligible for keeper status in the following year.
1) You can keep as many MINOR Leaguers as you wish and each one will cost a draft pick from the end of your draft and moving forward.
2) You will not be required to promote a Minor Leaguer in mid-season however if he does not have Minor League status at the start of opening day as
designated by the website he will need to be promoted to your active roster and will be assigned a 24th Round cost (refer to rule 8 above).
3) To free up room for drafting minor leaguers, an owner may promote players to 26th round slots 􀂡rst and then 25th round slots when setting their
keeper list (see Rule 9 above).
4) Minor League Players selected by MLB teams in the current year's Amateur Draft are not eligible for pick up until next year.

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Gary Sanchez

19th round   (19.02)


Jose Martinez

11th round   (11.01)


Scott Kingery

24th round   (24.27)


Matt Duffy

22nd round   (22.24)


Dansby Swanson

22nd round   (22.25)


Yuli Gurriel

11th round   (11.12)


Hernan Perez

18th round   (18.03)


Trey Mancini

19th round   (19.05)


David Peralta

22nd round   (22.27)


Maliex Smith

22nd round   (22.24)


Michael A. Taylor

16th round   (16.04)


Joc Pederson

22nd round   (22.14)


Tommy Pham

14th round   (14.09)


Chase Anderson

13th round   (13.08)


Jamie Barria

24th round   (24.10)


Zack Godley

17th round   (17.12)


Joey Lucchesi

24th round   (24.19)


Vince Velasquez

20th round   (20.02)


Josh Hader

21st round   (21.12)


Jordan Hicks

22nd round   (22.15)


Mike Montgomery

12th round   (12.06)


Blake Snell

19th round   (19.10)


Franchy Cordero

24th round   (24.21)


Tyler Anderson

22nd round   (22.19)


Kyle Barraclough

22nd round   (22.21)


Jeurys Famila

8th round   (8.08)


Brendan McKay

34th round


Bo Bichette

34th round


Ian Anderson

34th round


Justin Dunn

34th round


Jon Duplantier

34th round


Hunter Greene

34th round


Franklin Perez

34th round


Alex Faedo

34th round


If you have two or more players that cost the same round value, then the player with the lower score in the parenthesis will be bumped into an earlier round (ex., Blake Snell and Trey Mancini are both 19th rounders, if you plan to keep both, then Mancini gets bumped into the 18th round which would force Hernan Perez (18th round cost) to get bumped into round 17 and that would push Godley into round 16, etc.).


It is very common in this league to trade picks or players during the off-season to acquire extra picks for a particular round if you want to protect someone's cost.

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