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What to package for Kawhi? WHIR!!!


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I'm trying to reach for Kawhi by taking advantage of the owner's Mavs/Luka fandom. What can I offer him without destroying my build? Staying put is also an option.


Team is punt FT%/TO:

Team 1: H2H 9-cat, 10-team

PG: Westbrook, Fox

SG: Oladipo, Holiday, Bogdanovic

SF: Porter Jr., Warren, Doncic, Barton

PF: Harris, Mirotic

C: Drummond, Gobert, Nurkic, Cousins

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So I'll start by saying your teams championship material so I wouldn't wanna completely change things up; however kawhi is stupid good so why not try to get him. 


Id go doncic + mirotic or Otto as the other guy said. I wouldn't give up much more bc tyou'd be ripping at the team build.

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If you're punting FT/TO then you shouldn't be targeting Kawhi since those are some of his biggest strengths. You'd essentially be changing your strategy and your team would lose its effectiveness because Drummond and Gobert kind of nullify Kawhi's effectiveness. You can go for a full retool though, and see if you can sell Russ, Drummond and Luka in a big package. What's your opponent's roster looking like?

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