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Help pick 3/4: Gordon, Mixon, Chubb, Cook

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I'm having trouble picking 3 of these 4 guys to start in my championship this week. Can you help?


Melvin Gordon

Nick Chubb

Joe Mixon

Dalvin Cook

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That’s tough. Cook looking like a new player out there, plus new OC is not hesistant whatsoever to run the ball nearly 60%-70% of the time.


Gordon is a phenomenal talent and player but the matchup is just about as bad as it gets coming off an injury. However, he could’ve played last week so I’d imagine he’d be close to 100% this week. 


Mixon seems like the only offensive player for the bengals that is still healthy, have a hard time imagining a game where he doesn’t touch the ball almost 25 times barring his health.


Chubb playing the same CIN team he trashed for 128 yards/two TDs on 31 total touches in Cincinnati... hard to see him getting less than 25 touches again in a game where CLE will probably have the lead over the hapless bengals. 


Because of that, I’d leave Mixon out. 


CIN may have no other weapons than Mixon, but I really don’t think the game script will allow him to dominate the touches as much as you’d like.


No matter who you choose, you’ll probably be fine. However, the three studded trident of Gordon/Cook/Chubb definitely looks the most formidable to me.


thanks for the help on mine!

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I think Gordon and Chubb are must starts.  Mixon and Cook are close, but I think I give edge to Mixon since he's the whole offense right now.


Thx for the help!

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They're all solid plays this week, but I think I'd sit Gordon based on a brutal matchup and he may not be at 100%. 



Thanks for the help w/ mine

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