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Championship Lineup Decision. WHIR

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Only made finals in 1 league so hopefully I can win it but facing a very strong team (lead by Barkley/Cook/Mahomes/Ertz). Posting early and I will be around to help out with yours just post a link. 


6pt for all TDs and .5 ppr


Here is what I got with bench and FA options listed


QB Wilson 

WR Hopkins

WR D. Westbrook

RB Cohen

RB Howard (surprisingly going both CHI RBs has worked out nicely more often than not)

TE Cook

Flex White (couple of bad weeks but I don't think any of the options are good enough to bench his upside)

Flex R. Foster (he's been great but still hard to trust)


Bench options:

Rodgers (but I think I should go Wilson)

C. Patterson (could get more work since Gordon is out)

Njoku (can't play him over Cook and while I've flexed him some weeks he is too inconsistent)

J. Adams (don't want to start him unless someone convinces me otherwise)


FA options:

Ballage (was last week a fluke?)

Blue (could plenty of work with Miller out, but Foreman is also active)

Hogan (think I'd prefer Patterson if I had to go with a Pats option but Hogan was solid last week as well)

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11 minutes ago, ChiSox1390 said:

I think a nice risk - reward is Ballage over White.  Too many cooks in the NE backfield:





White has been so good up until last few weeks and big reason I got to finals so it's tough to bench but Ballage does seem intriguing just no idea if he can repeat

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