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4 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

Didn't even see it. I tune out commercials like Charlie Brown tunes out adults. 


I tuned it out also, as is my habit with commercials. Out of curiosity, I rewound to find the commercial...and I thought it was fine and didn't have an issue with it. 

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9 minutes ago, pennstateugk said:

I think they’re just calling games tighter...there’s legitimately a foul on every nfl play

I think you're right, but I also think that the referees pick and choose when to throw the flags. 

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32 minutes ago, Nashville10ac said:

So you didn't even make the playoffs but you're salty that as Gurley owner I picked up CJA, started him and won my championship in a money league the me and my co-workers have played since 2008? Lol... Good luck next year!

co-workers? job? hmm not college educated I assume. because if you could do simple math,  two weeks ago means this week (16) MINUS 2 or (-2) = week (14). Playoffs start week 14.  At least you are good at what you do in the fantasy world. Congrats again. 

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