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I didn't see any thread about the guy and not alot of info on him also. Did anyone of you guys saw i'm play ?


Drafted round 14th in the 2018 mlb draft by Oakland. 


He is having some really strong numbers.

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Disclaimer: I haven't seen him.

Great results across brief stints in Rk, low-A, and A ball after getting drafted. But he was pitching roughly on-level, age-wise by the time he reached a full-season league. Definitely a guy to watch in 2019 - the full season in pro ball will help tell a better story, especially if they decide to promote him to high-A at some point during the season. Given his lack of college innings, I wonder if that'll keep him in A ball all season - unless, of course, he just stymies everyone and forces the next challenge.

Having success in cold weather bodes well for him but his lack of a refined repertoire makes him an easy relief risk with the FB as his only real out pitch right now. If he can develop the cutter to give him a fourth pitch, he might be able to mix them all enough to keep guys off-balance and stick in the rotation.

I'm not one to get too excited over someone dominating levels that he should, to be considered a legit prospect. But his first full season - 2019 - combined with similar results will definitely have my attention going into 2020.

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