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16-team (Free) H2H Dynasty; 2 teams available

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2 teams in my ESPN Dynasty League are available this offseason.  This will be the league's 11th season !  We've had some attrition the past couple years, so we're building back up to full-blown dynasty.  This year, we're keeping 15 MLB and 10 MiLB players.  Below, I'm linking the league Google site and the ESPN page.  The two teams available are the Mariners and Red Sox (if you take a team, you can choose a new MLB team name as long as it's the correct league/division; AL West can be an AL West or Central team / AL East can be an AL East or Central team).


If you're interested, please email me @  Please let me know which team you're interested in taking over.  Please also include information about yourself (experience with dynasty / keeper leagues that use minor leagues, how many years you've played fantasy sports, how many leagues you're currently in, etc.).  Please also provide a description about how you'd go about using the team's current MLB / MiLB talent to build a dominant franchise.  Check out the other teams in the league, as well, and let me know who your best trade partners might be.  More specific detail = greater likelihood that you're accepted as a member.  Please let me know if you have questions.  Thanks for your interest!


ESPN League Page:


*Google Site (rules, MiLB rosters, etc.):


* Please read through the rules carefully.  I'd rather not have someone join and then have to replace him/her because of a disagreement about a longstanding league rule.  We have ongoing discussion about rules, but most of them have been in place since day one.

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