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Which of these is tiebreaking procedure for two teams that won their division?

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And also have the same record for the playoffs? For example, Pats and Texans finished today at 11-5 for the year but the Pats have the #2 seed and Texans have the #3 seed currently. I know that's because the Pats beat the Texans this year in head to head and that's usually the first factor but which other procedures after that would you follow from this list to apply division winners with same record at end of year?

It doesn't title that from my understanding? It only shows "To Break a Tie within a Division" and "To Break a Tie for the Wild Card Team". Nothing about to break a tie between two division winners from different divisions that have the same record and what procedures you would follow. I'm assuming you would also use the "To Break a Tie for the Wild Card Team" but that's rather confusing because it doesn't also say for two teams that won their respective division but also have same record.


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