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NY NJ CT Dynasty Baseball League ***As Real As it Can Get***

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The game plan is to build a true dynasty league. Replicate the MLB system as closely as possible. I am thinking roto scoring, probably 6x6 (to include holds). The attempt would be to get up to 30 teams (just like the MLB) and make 6 divisions (just like the MLB, based on the owners true location).


1. Full 25 man rosters with 5 SP'ers, 4 starting RP'ers, C,1B,2B,SS,3B,LF,CF,RF,DH plus bench.

2. Full Minor League system.

3. Full free agent System (I have ideas on how to implement it)

4. Full Arbitration System (I have ideas on how to implement it)

5. Money League. 100% of the money goes to the league winners. NO CAP. Perhaps a "luxury cap" just like MLB. The way I see it is with 30 teams playing, if there is a handfull of teams that "purchase" a super team, that is fine, because the winnings are still split by fair percentages. Basically, you can purchase a all star team for $600, but if you only win $500 at the end of the season, then it probably wasnt worth it? I have ideas to do a safe guard with the $, probably paypal only.


Time Needed: I would love to be able to set aside on FULL Sunday to get the majority of the league up and "drafted". I have some special rules to make it make sense in the begining. 


***The goal is to make a dynasty league that will last for decades.


***IF YOU ARE AT ALL INTERESTED, shoot me an email. Right now I just have ideas, not "rules". I figure in order to set up a league like this we will need to have a small group of decision makers to go along with the commish. I can say I would happily pay for the website (CBS Sportsline or Fantrax?). Again, I am today looking for a select few who are both interested in playing, but also interested in CREATING a league like this...


EMail me for more details. EMail me any questions or comments!!!! Or feel free to post here...

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Also, just cause I wanted to offer a bit more info:

1. We would probably use Proboards for the general record keeping.

2. This would be a year round league, because I plan to divide up the free agents into weekly categories

3. One of my bigger questions is how to handle the money? I am hoping for 30 teams and the average team would probably get up to several hundred dollars per team? So... is there a way of doing an escrow account? Written contracts? Again... I am looking for the fun and competition, I am not looking to make any profit from the league (except if I legit win ;)

4. The prizes should be broken up much like the MLB does its winnings;

Overall Winner gets the most

Winner of "Other League" (think NL and AL)

Six Division Winners

Four Wild Card Winners

Perhaps small prizes for having an MVP or CY on your team? Maybe?


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