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Looking for fun/competitive Auction league with Keeper Contracts. Roto Style preferred.  - pls reply here or email details to

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I have one opening in an AL-only, auction, keeper, contract league.  We set rosters weekly (Monday-Sunday).  Play is H2H...two games weekly.  Auction mid-March on CBS Sports.  League on CBS for 15+ operation about 30 years.  If this interests you, let me know.



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I have one team...possibly a second...available for "adoption" in my 10-team league.


Most of the basics were covered in my post.  A few further details...


We set rosters weekly, Monday through Sunday.  We allow replacements during the week if a position-eligible player is on your roster.


Free Agent Pool claims are filed weekly by Friday evening, to be effective the following week.  Claims are bases on bids and players awarded to the high bidder. 

The claims can be filed in several formats..."up to 10 points for Player A", or "Max available points for Players A, B & C in that order".  This process can be explained in greater detail, if needed, if you opt to join us for 2019.


The prize pool is awarded as follows:  55% to league champ, 35% to the loser in the best 2 our of 3 championship series (Weeks 22-24), and 15% to the winner of a best 2 out of 3 consolation series (Weeks 22 - 24). 


The league entry fee of $150 will be discounted to $100 for a new owner, and new owners will be able to strengthen their keepers through an expansion draft prior to the mid-March online auction draft on CBS Sports.  


Salary cap into the draft is 284 minus keeper draft the salary cap increases to 325 to fund Free Agent Claims.


I'm sure the above will leave other questions unanswered.  Send them along to me and I'll respond.  At some point, if appropriate, I can send you an invitation to our CBS Sports league.  I'll look forward to hearing from you.



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pls send invite - this sounds like what im lookin for:


pls send constitution for one last review - looking fwd


r there contracts? and escalators for extensions?

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You should be in receipt of an invitation that would allow you to sign on as owner of our last available team.


Once you have league access, you can review our Constitution.  The rules set forth in our Constitution have

evolved over 35+ years in an attempt to cover all contingencies and reduce conflict/disagreements regarding

league management as close to zero as possible.  If your reading of the Constitution raises questions, I'll 

respond promptly to your questions.  I'll also make myself available to talk with you by telephone if you

wish; I have found discussing the league by telephone is more productive than exchanging messages/

emails.  I'll also work closely with you in coordinating the expansion draft that will avail you the opportunity 

to boost your keepers prior to the 2019 Auction Draft.  


We use the standard A, B & C Contract system that dates back to the father of fantasy baseball, Okrent (hope

that's spelled correctly).  My first fantasy baseball league was based on his early 1980s book.  A player picked 

up in the 2019 draft has an A Contract...that player can be kept the following year with a B Contract at the 

same salary...finally, that player can be retained for a third season on a C Contract with a 50% increase in salary.


I'll look forward to hearing from you once you sign on to the Stadium Fantasy Baseball League.  You can use

the 2019 League Feed to send messages directly to me (Al Wylie) or check in with other league owners.  If 

you want to confirm league $$$ is handled in a fair and honest manner, I'm sure several of our veteran owners 

(Brad, David, Gary, and Eric) will be glad to provide that assurance.  


Once you check out our league, you can lock in your team by sending me a $25 deposit or the discounted 

league fee of $100; if you use the deposit option, the balance would be due prior to our mid-March draft.  I'll 

provide my mailing address as soon as your confirm you're "IN" for 2019.


Al Wylie



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Mine is a semi contract league, there is an auction every year and that is their contract amount. An owner can keep them year to year with a $4 addition to their contract each year. I’ve added the constitution. If you are interested in joining, email me at There are currently 5 teams available. It’s in in second year so first come, first serve on available teams.




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You might like this league we're starting!


$100 buy-in paid through Fantrax Treasurer.

15-Team Mixed League - ROTO

15 hitters - C, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 5 OF, 2 UT, 10 P, 5 bench, 5 minors

$300 draft budget for AUCTION DRAFT

FAAB free agency (twice weekly)

UP to 15 keepers carried forward

Separate minor league and major league drafts

*Minor league draft would be held in league chatroom and would be a slow draft as soon as the league fills.

*Date for MLB auction would be 2/23 or 3/2 with 3/9 being "last resort" day.

Team names are either defunct teams or long-established minor league teams. So far - Memphis Chicks, Toledo Mud Hens. (I have named the other teams, but they are certainly able to be changed)

We have 13 slots open for serious owners! I was in a 30-team league last year and wanted to scale it back. The other current owner is my father. We have about 30 years of fantasy experience between the 2 of us. Please contact me if you are interested.

Here is a link to the league page:

Here is a link to our full league rules:

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