14 team Auction Dynasty on CBS. This orphan team comes with a discount for this year.

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Entry to this league is $150. New owner can take over for $125 for this year with the discount.


You can keep as many players as you want as long as you give each keeper a $3 raise. The ONLY players that you do not give a raise to are your 3 minor league qualifying keepers. No more than 130 career AB or 50 innings pitched. You must be able to draft a full roster in each yearly draft with your $300 budget. You can keep your 3 minor league players each year without their salary counting against your draft budget. Once we run keepers you can't drop any player until after the draft. The last day to drop a player is March 9th. The draft will take place March 17th 7pm est. 

Email me at jacobbenoit1010@yahoo.com if your interested in this team.


ACTIVE PLAYERS SELECT ALL.                     Salary 
Welington Castillo C | CHW.                           3
Edwin Encarnacion DH | SEA.                        30
Rougned Odor 2B | TEX.                                   14
Eduardo Escobar 3B | ARI.                               3
Nick Ahmed SS | ARI.                                          3
Jose Peraza SS | CIN.                                         16
Matt Adams 1B | WAS.                                        3
Justin Upton LF | LAA.                                         17
Tommy Pham CF | TB.                                         6
Teoscar Hernandez LF | TOR.                          1
Andrew McCutchen RF | PHI.                          21
Mike Trout CF | LAA.                                            54
Michael Taylor CF | WAS.                                   5
Mike Leake SP | SEA.                                           1
David Price SP | BOS.                                          17
Bud Norris RP | STL.                                             3
Julio Urias RP | LAD.                                            3
Johnny Cueto SP | SF                                  25
Trevor Cahill SP | LAA.                                       3
J.A. Happ SP | NYY.                                             5
David Robertson RP | PHI.                               1
Blake Parker RP | LAA.                                      6
Byron Buxton CF | MIN.                                    18
Brett Gardner LF | NYY.                                    4
Denard Span LF | SEA.                                     1
Josh Reddick RF | HOU.                                  3
Jordan Zimmermann SP | DET.                  1
Jason Vargas SP | NYM.                                1
Yordan Alvarez LF | HOU.                             3
Yohander Mendez SP | TEX.                      3

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Is there a way to see what the other teams look like? id like to judge what the potential players going back into the draft are; id maybe be interested but based on what im seeing this team may be extremely difficult to come back from

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I can let you end to look at the other teams just send me your email. I can tell you that Trout should be a keeper for this team at $57 next year. Even if the new owner is not in contention you could turn him mid season for a lot of cheap talent. Pham is great at that prize. Odor, Peraza, Upton, Price, Urias and Robertson should all be keepers also. The team has trading pieces to build around.

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