13-yo 18-team 6x6 ROTO Salary Dynasty needs 2 new GMs

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The MKIA League is 13 years old and currently looking for new, highly active, competitive GM(s) to take over 2 vacant team(s) (out of 18).


It's a 6x6 ROTO (w/ traditional 5x5 plus OPS and Holds), salary dynasty league that uses Fantrax (for day-to-day roster/lineup management and fantasy stats).  We use a 40-man roster w/ a minimum of 10 spots reserved for prospects -- and youngsters signed as prospects are protected via annually renewed contracts for upto 3 years **beyond** their final prospect status year, eg. Acuna and Soto will both be protected thru 2021 since they'll lose prospect status after 2018.  We also have additional annual protection for FA-to-be players via Franchise Player and Restricted FA designations (aka "Tags", of one each for each team, which are tradeable upto ~15 months ahead of usage time) to be applied at the start of each new year circa late-Jan/early-Feb.  There's also an annual prospect draft in March -- and prospects from the prior annual real life amateur June draft (and international signings from March of previous year til start of our draft -- in cases of legitimate prospects, not older veterans) are excluded from free agency until after this annual MKIA draft.


Regular free agents are typically acquired via open auctions (from preseason thru end of the regular season).  Restricted FAs go thru a silent bid process at the start of the preseason -- and the restricting team can choose to match the high bid (w/ 15% "hometown" discount) or pass for the high bidder to sign.  Franchise Players are resigned to their real life contracts at base salaries (sans option years and signing bonuses).  Each protected youngster resign at the start of each regular season at real life base salary or the salary at which he was originally acquired as a prospect (whether at draft slot salary or prospect auction salary), whichever's higher.


Signed players may be waived to free agency w/ 50% salary obligation owed for the remainder of their contracts, which can be paid in lumpsum w/ current cash prior to the lumpsum buyout deadline (on 8/31) -- and there are provisions for obligation reduction as they resign to new contracts (w/ other teams), etc.


Our 2019 salary cap will be $122M -- and it currently escalates by $2M per year to help meet salary inflation.


There is a modest $20 annual league fee paid at the start of each new year, and the entire pool of collected fees will go toward prize payouts (totaling $360) since both Fantrax and the Proboards forum site (that we use to host trade activity, auctions, salary/payroll info, etc) are free (for what we need).

If interested, please check the league forum site for more details (eg. rules, league setup, etc) and fire me a PM or email...



Currently available team(s) are:


Brown Sox -- probably could use some kind of rebuild w/ several key players like Kershaw, Correa, Aaron Nola, Eugenio Suarez, Kyle Freeland, Didi Gregorious, Porcello and maybe Tim Anderson and Justin Bour as the core (although the first 3 need tagging); has the 4th pick in each round of this March's MiLB Draft; will be allowed forgiveness of one player contract of your choice (and Britton makes the most sense to free drop) and should have plenty of $$$ for RFA/FA signings; and to help its rebuild, I'm willing to deal all my current year draft picks (last each round) for the Brown Sox's 2020 2nd round pick plus eat the team's 2020 league fee myself (assuming the new GM is reasonably active and stays w/ the league beyond 2019)


Yankees -- current contender w/ 2-3 key players who need tagging, ie. Harper, Schwarber and maybe Quintana



As usual, we expect a pretty good batch of players to enter restricted FA (and maybe regular FA) this offseason, which should help new GMs of these teams, especially the Brown Sox.  You can see past lists of RFAs (and their auctions) at the following to get a sense of what to expect:


And here are lists of Franchise Players from the last few offseasons:



You can also find the league's official rostering and payroll spreadsheet over at the following for more details, including which players will be designated as franchise players, RFAs or unrestricted FAs:



Please provide some info about yourself and your FBB experiences when submitting your interest -- and also let us know which team you want, if we have multiple openings.  Please also spend some time going thru the rules, including the various announcement posts that have some rules revisions/addendums that may not have been updated to the regular rules section so far.


Thanks for your interest...


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The Yankees are still available w/ 1 week to go before our tags deadline -- and of course, the team name can be changed...






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Updated vacancies (both Brown Sox and Yankees are no longer available):


Indians - might need some sort of rebuild although there are some very solid bats on the team... as quite a few quality players are FA eligible and can't all be tagged, except probably Arenado and Lindor; does already have a pretty good farm system... though missing its 1st round pick in upcoming MiLB Draft; will be allowed forgiveness of one player contract of your choice


Again, act fast if interested as our Franchise Player and RFA designation deadline is coming up very soon on 2/6...





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