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should i pick up any of these guys? whir 100

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Should i pick up any of these FA? if so, who are my drops?

FA: Portis, MRobinson, Huerter, Clarkson, Jeff Green, Kornet, Giles, Jabari, RHJ, Josh Jackson, Favors, Tucker


My team is below and i am PUNT AST

PG/SG: Mitchell, Klay, Lou Williams 

SF/PF:, Paul George, , nance, Thaddeus, jerami grant, Kyle Anderson 

C:,Adams,Capela, brook, myles, KAT, Dwight Powell

IL: Kevin Love


leave a link!


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is this a 10 teamer??? I dont see any drops tbh.... You've got a solid team, esp if you can get into the PO's healthy. Would keep an eye on Powell and Nance's situation in the next few weeks and watch Huerter.. but RN, if you can live with the injuries, i think you're solid and would stay put.

Thanks for the help with mine. 

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Nance or Powell for me depending on their situation. These are the guys I'd consider on your WW:


Portis - if RoLo gets traded he'll soak up all the C mintues

Jeff Green - OPJ has been on and off with injuries 

Robinson - if DJ and Kanter gets traded/bought out

Huerter - If Hawks can move Prince or Bazemore

Tucker - if you need steals and can take his FG%



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