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New Keeper League 12 Team Yahoo ROTO $100 LeagueSafe Auction Draft Friday Night March 1st 7pm EST

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I am starting a new 12 team keeper league on Yahoo.  The fee to join the league is $100 which will be payable on LeagueSafe.  If you have any questions or would like to join this league please email me at  The auction draft is scheduled for Friday night March 1st at 7:00 p.m.  Please do not commit to the league if you can not take part in the draft.  In addition, please do not join the league if you are not comfortable with the league settings.  Once Yahoo has its platform up and running for the 2019 season I will input the settings below.  The LeagueSafe payment deadline will be Wednesday February 20th.  If you miss the deadline you will be replaced by another manager.  The league will be daily lineup chnages and the other settings are listed below.



  • 12 owners



  • Entry fee $100. Any owner who has NOT paid their entry fee on LeagueSafe prior to the LeagueSafe deadline will be asked to leave the league. At the end of the season managers will vote on the disbursement of prizes with a majority vote required in order to disburse the prizes.



A. Rotisserie Format

B. Online auction.

B. Auction budget is $300

C. Daily lineups (Monday – Sunday)

E. $700 for 1st, $350 for 2nd, $150 for 3rd



  • 21 Active players

  • 9 Reserve players

  • 4 Disabled



  • 1 catcher

  • 1 first basemen

  • 1 second basemen

  • 1 short stops

  • 1 third basemen

  • 4 outfielders

  • 1 middle infielder

  • 1 corner infielder

  • 1 utility

  • 5 starting pitchers

  • 4 relief pitchers


Note: Rosters are illegal and don’t accumulate stats if roster requirements are not met.



  • will be used to determine player eligibility during the draft and season.




A. Hitting

  • Batting Average

  • Home Runs

  • RBI’s

  • Runs

  • Stolen Bases


B. Pitching

  • ERA

  • WHIP

  • Wins

  • Saves

  • K’s (total team strikeouts)


The maximum amount of innings pitched for the season is 1650. The maximum number of games played for positional players is 180. In other words you do not have to be concerned with reaching the max number of games played for position players. There are no minimum innings requirements for either pitchers or positional players.



  • Each owner will have $260 for the season to bid on free agents using the FAAB process within the league site. The FAAB process is a blind auction, in which the manager can bid a minimum of $0 or whole numbers can be bid to acquire free agent players. Highest bidder wins the player. In the event of a tie, the waiver order will be used to determine which owner wins the player. When an owner is the successful bidder of a free agent player, they move to the end of the waiver order and the winning bid is deducted from the FAAB budget.

  • FAAB will run Sunday through Saturday nights.



  • Original keeper value or drafted value will apply for any FAAB pickups.

  • Any player who was not drafted in the auction draft and is an in-season free agent FAAB pickup will have a designated salary of $5.



  • Trade deadline 8-11-2019.

  • Trades will be voted on by the league managers. If 4 managers veto the trade it is voided.

If trades are done where collusion is suspected, or the commissioner feels an owner is intentionally trying to damage the league with lopsided trades. Then the trade will not be allowed to go through and you may have your trading privileges revoked (decision to be made by the commissioner). All we are asking is that you attempt to make fair trades. They don’t have to be even trades, as long as they aren’t lopsided ones



  • A maximum of up to 7 players can be kept from the prior season. Players can be kept for 3 years (seasons) with the 1st season being the season in which the player was drafted, picked up through FAAB, or acquired in a trade.

  • Any player that was selected in the auction draft can be kept at their original auction value. If a player that was drafted is subsequently waived and later picked up as a FAAB selection then the original auction draft bid will be the salary for the player not the winning bid price in the FAAB free agent process.

  • Any FAAB free agent player that was NOT selected in the auction draft can be kept at the cost of $5 and the winning bid price in the FAAB free agent process will not be the salary.


Keeper inflation: After a player's first season of the 3 year contract $5 will be added to the player's first season contract. Therefore, any player that was obtained through the FAAB process and is designated as a keeper for the second season of the 3 year contract will have a second year salary of $10. Any player who was selected in the auction draft and is designated as a keeper for the second season of the 3 year contract will have a second year salary of $5 added on to whatever the bid was in the auction draft to obtain the player. If a player is designated as a keeper for the third and final year of the three-year contract that player will have an additional $5 added to the player's salary.



A. The auction draft will be conducted during the month of March.

B. Each team will have an auction drafting budget of $300. However, any owner who chooses to keep a player(s) (up to 7 may be kept) from the prior season will have that player's salary deducted from the $300 auction draft budget.

C. You must draft a full roster (including bench players) with your $300 auction budget.



Cut rosters down up to 7 players a week before the draft.



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If you were not on Yahoo, I would play in another one of your leagues for sure. This is a fantastic format for anybody who might be interested. - Peffercorn's Dimes

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