New 20 Team Free Startup Dynasty ESPN Needs Owners

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I did something similar for the 2018-2019 basketball season and it has been a big success and very fun/active so I am hoping to do the same thing this year for baseball.

- Free League on ESPN

- 20 Teams

- H2H Each Category 6 hitting, 6 pitching

- Deep Rosters : currently 40 rosters slots with 30 keepers each year 

- All major and minor league players on one roster so its up to you to decide how to balance your roster with prospects and veterans

- Mandatory to join the discord server to be easily able to communicate and talk trades etc.

- Link to the league

- Draft date and draft order is TBD.

- Any questions or concerns let me know

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Might be interested..few questions..


Only 4 out of 20 teams make the playoffs?

QS & Wins kinda the same..with the pitching st up and deep league maybe holds?


set in stone or open for discussion?


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Its open for discussion in the discord once the league is filled.  I thought I had it set for 12 teams making the playoffs with 4 teams getting a 1st round bye. I like it that way so it gives way for more teams trying to be competitive to make the playoffs. 

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I've had several owners in my basketball league talk about how the league was the most fun/active they had been in (considering it is a free league). I plan to run this league in a similar way so looking for the most active owners only of course ;) 

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