Need 2 for an 11-year super chatty, yahoo $115 Pay League

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I have my annual league.  It's been going strong for 10+ years.    I run it with Yahoo,  we use Leaguesafe,  I usually let a few guys send me paypal.  I can screen-freeze payments to you if you'd like to pay that way.   


Either way i will come up with a pay-out since we went from $100  to $115 this year.    I pay usually $150 for first place regular season.  And then top three playoff finishes  with the reward going to be over $700  for first place playoffs.    Its a standard structure that everyone likes.  100% payouts 




   Also again,   YAHOO only



    This league is run on YAHOO and most of us are on YAHOO CHAT.   if you are wanting to be a part of that???  YOU ARE WHO I NEED,   we chat the entire season.   Sports, Baseball, whatever


    I can also get you into other pay leagues if you are interested.   Respond to me here with email,   you can jump in and verify my league 




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email sent to you too!!

   Guys remember that this is a competitive & friendly league.  I'm looking for long-time fantasy  people.   the two guys i am replacing were 5-year vets 

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