$150 CBS-Hosted Auction Keeper Needs One Owner

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5x5 Auction Keeper AL-only league entering its 12th season looking for an owner.  10 teams.  23-man active roster (2C, 1, 2, 3, S, CI, MI, 5OF, UT, 9P) acquired during an Auction, followed by a 17-round straight draft (in reverse order of last year's finish) for non-auction-acquired players and AL minor leaguers, both using the CBS software, so no physical presence necessary and you can be anywhere (our owners come from California, the Minneapolis area, Baltimore and NYC).  The 17 reserve players plus the 23 actives make a 40-man roster, so despite just 10 teams the league is not a superstar league.  At the same time, you can always find good free agents during the season.  

Auction/Draft Day is Sunday, April 7, 2019 beginning at 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific.  Usually takes about three and a half hours to complete both Auction and Draft.  Stats are retroed to Opening Day.     

$150 to enter.  Teams keep minimum 5, maximum 10 guys from year to year.  Once a player has met rookie eligibility, he receives a $5 salary increase each year if kept.  Teams finishing third through sixth each season get salary reductions for one player each the following year.  Champ takes 65% of the pot, 35% to the runner-up.  Weekly moves and free agents with $100 FAAB (major league players only) for the season; winning bid becomes that player's salary.  Salary cap for the 23-man active roster is $260 on Auction/Draft Day, increasing to $300 for the season.  Position eligibility for non-pitchers is 10 games previous year, 5 games current year.  Weekly transactions (new week starts every Tuesday).  September roster expansion is optional; each team can add one pitcher and one hitter for $25 each for the last four weeks.  Trading is active but not out of control.  Some owners are active with minor leaguers, some less so; it's possible the win the league either way.  Players traded to the NL in-season, by the way, stay with your team for the entire year.      

Four of us have been in the league for the entire run since 2008; the others joined in 2011 and 2012, so we've been together a while.  A longtime owner had to drop out, but left the 3rd place team from 2018 behind, with an $8 salary reduction for any one kept player.  Roster is below; salaries are adjusted for 2019 but don't take into account the $8 you can take off of any one player (for example, you could keep Altuve and reduce him to $37).  If you don't see at least five keepers, you also have the option to start fresh, with a full $260 to spend at the Auction.      

Full rules, other teams' rosters, answers to any questions etc. available to anyone interested.   (For example, I'm happy to explain the inflation in league salaries and why Altuve, even at $45, is a potential keeper.)  Post here, message me with your e-mail, or e-mail me at  We run very smoothly and would love to have someone who's friendly and up for a challenge.  Thanks for reading. 



S. Perez, KC ($19), Swihart, BOS ($8), Abreu, CWS ($19), H. Dozier, KC ($7), Odor, TEX ($23), K. Seager, SEA ($22), J. Polanco, MIN ($15), Altuve, HOU ($45), Cron, MIN ($13), E. Rosario, MIN ($26), A. Garcia, TB ($22), Marwin Gonzalez, HOU (?) ($20), A. Gordon, KC ($6), T. Hernandez, TOR ($15), Palka, CWS ($11), Alford, TOR ($6), Moreland, BOS ($15), Frazier, NYY ($15), Soler, KC ($10), Bauer, CLE ($13), J. Beeks, TB ($7), Y. Chirinos, TB ($6), Hildenberger, MIN ($10), Paxton, NYY ($20), Reid-Foley, TOR ($7), Yarbrough, TB ($20), Cobb, BAL ($7), Duffy, KC ($15), Shoemaker, TOR ($7), K. Herrera, CWS ($16), Pineda, MIN ($6), and MINORS - Alex Kirilloff, MIN ($2), Brent Rooker, MIN ($5), Brandon Marsh, LAA ($2), and Jesus Luzardo, OAK ($2).  Note - not a full 40-man because of some players traded to the NL in the offseason. 

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A few questions from PMers answered - hitting/pitching split in the auction is usually 65/35, maybe 70/30.  Pitching categories are pretty typical roto 5x5x (W, ERA, WHIP, K, S) but with the recent changes in pitching such as openers and the continuing unpredictability of saves, less money seems to be going to pitching in the auction.   

Also, yes, all your keepers can be minor leaguers (who don't count against the $260 Auction Day cap), although this team only has four minor leaguers, so if you don't want to start fresh, you'd need to keep one major leaguer as well for the minimum five.  In this league, Jose Abreu would be a bargain at that salary, as would Bauer and Paxton.  Rosario and Polanco less so, along with Palka.  Herrera is a possible gamble who would probably go for more than $16 in the Auction.  Altuve is a possibility especially if you think he'll rebound and you use the $8 salary coupon to reduce him to $37.  He would almost certainly go for more than that in the Auction.    

Finally, we all know each other so we don't use LeagueSafe - everyone pays with PayPal, and believe me I have better things to do than scam anyone out of $150 with posts this detailed.  But you could pay by LeagueSafe if you're more comfortable that way.  We can figure out a way to set that up.   

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