Looking for two Active/Competitive Owners

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I am looking for active/competitive owners that like to make moves, trades, and compete till the end. This is a free ESPN keeper (Head to Head 5x5 CATs) league that as of right now has four keepers set for next year. I am changing from a 14 team to a 12 team league, and I'm currently am looking for Guru Type owners that want to be apart of league next year, and beyond. 

League Rules:Link to League Communication (Chat):

League Rules: Owners are required to: Be Active: Try and make your team better by adding guys through the waiver wire or trades. Chat: I want all members to at least try and log-in to chat once a day, as it would be nice if all owners would be able to join chat to discuss trades, questions/concerns, suggestions, talk smack, etc. Trade Block: Make sure that you are setting/updating your trade block. Lineups: Make sure that your lineups are set, and you are talking guys of DL when need be. Be Competitive, and have Fun! Keeper Rules: 4 keepers per team: You will only be allowed to keep 3 bats or 3 arms, as the other keeper would have to be either be a batter or pitcher for example: 3 bats/1 arm, 3 arms/1 bat, 2 bats/2 arms. You can also decide on not keeping any (starting over) or select any number of keepers that you want as long as it is under 4. The amount these particular keepers were drafted at will be deducted off your auction amount, as players that were picked off waivers will be considered a $1 as well. You can keep players for 2 years after the year drafted. So, you get to keep for the year after draft, and the two years following. You donât have to decide to keep the same players year after year, that is your choice. After the time frame for keepers has expired you have to throw these particular players back in the pool. This will in turn keep the draft fresh year after year. Inflation has been brought to my attention, and this will be something that will have to be voted on. Looking forward to a great year! Good Luck League Thanks, Jerry (LM)

Chat is mandatory for this league, and owners are required to be engaged on chat daily. 


Link to League:



Please leave you email if you are interested, or email me with questions. 


If you have any questions:


My Email:



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Only one spot left..filling up quick. 

Most likely will be draft on a Sunday night in March. 

March 3rd, 2019 @ 7:45/8:00 C.T.

March 10th, 2019 @ 7:45/8:00 C.T.

March 17th, 2019 @ 7:45/8:00 C.T. 

March 23rd, 2019 @ 7:45/8:00 C.T.


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We will be doing a whole new re-draft this year, so it is the perfect time to join. 

Still looking for possible replacement owners. 

Leave an email if you are interested. 

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When I said that slack (league communication) was mandatory might have came out a little wrong. What I was meaning is that you need to at least be active on chat, and if some other league member sends you a message you are willing to respond fairly quickly. Slack is very easy to use, and you are able to download the mobile version to you phone or use the desktop version. 

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Still looking for one owner. Please leave an email address if you are interested in the league. 




Jerry (LM)

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