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NEW 10 Team Auction Keeper League Fantrax $50 Entry Fee

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I'm looking for a few people who would be interested in joining a brand NEW Auction Keeper League on Fantrax. The entry is $50 and it must be paid before entering the league. Details of the league:

-League begins March 28, 2019

-H2H Points, Weekly Lineups

-(Roster Size) 1 Catcher, 1 1st Base, 1 2nd Base, 1 3rd Base, 1 Shortstop, 4 Outfielders, 3 Utilities, 7 Pitchers, 7 Bench

-Maximum of 5 keepers each season. No contracts.

-$300 Auction Pot

-All MLB Player Pool

-6 Playoff Teams

-Scoring: Single (1 Point) Double (2 Points) Triple (3 Points) Homerun (4 Points) RBI (1 Point) Run Scored (1 Point) Stolen Base (2 Points) Caught Stealing (-2 Points) Walk (.5 Points) Strikeout (-1 Point) Grand Slam (6 Points) Cycle (20 points)     Innings Pitched (1 point) Strikeout (1 Point) Earned Run (-1 Point) Walk (-.5 Point) Win (10 Points) Loss (-5 Points) Save (7 points) Blown Save (-7 Points) Shutout (6 Points) No Hitter (11 Points) Perfect Game (16 Points)


If interested, please leave your email and I will send you an invite to the league. Thank you in advance!

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