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Year #11 Yahoo Baseball league needs YOU.... $115 pay league

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My leagues been going strong for 10 years.   This year by a freak coincidence, i need to replace up to three managers.  a few key things to know,  i'll list them


  #1.  $115 pay league,  majority pay with leaguesafe.  Some vets send paypal.  All winners get paid in full and i am flexible with modern Apps, venmo, paypal, etc

 #2.   YAHOO only

  #3.  Daily, everyday FAAB waiver claims,  monday-sunday  (people love it)

 #4.  snake draft,  H2H

 #5.   All league prizes to be posted before season starts.  All payee's are vouched for in public posts. there are no secrets 

 #6.  We PREFER friendly chats via yahoo chat.  fastest way to get a sense of who you are.  Makes things funner and more competitive 

 #7.   Commish controlled trade review.    I havent had to reject a trade in years it seems.  People are veterans in here.  I dont like to have people wait 3-4 days for their player



  Please join up if you can pay the $115.   I am Antonio the commish.   you can pop in and look at settings and leave if you dont want to stay



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