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Middleton + Bogdan Bogdanovic for Turner, 15-team, 9-cat, roto

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Hi All,


I'm in a 15-team, 9-cat roto league. Currently sitting at 4th place, thinking about making that trade. My team is as follows: 


pg: Bledsoe

sg: J-Rich

g: CP3

sf: Bogdanovic

pf: T. Harris

f: Kenrich Williams

c: Nurkic

c: Whiteside

util:Mitch Rob

util: Middleton

bn: Jingles

bn: LeVert

bn: Noel

il: G. Harris


Need to drop one player to activate G. Harris, so thought about doing that transfer. I have 597 games played and have 407 blocks in the season as I rank 6th in that category, however am pretty close to the 4th place (9 swats behind with 5 games more, the 3rd placed in blocks has 449 swats, so way too many). FT%, 3PTS and points categories (the ones that Middleton and Bogdan excel) - won't go up or down here, pretty stable, thus thinking that Turner might give me a boost in BLKs, reduce TOs (can go higher here) + help in FG% where Middleton and Bogdan hurt me and I am within reach to 2 teams in front of me. However, not sure about Myles' injury now ...







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based on your needs looks like you should. Though based in games played in PO, I wouldnt or I'd look for a better/cheaper target.



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