4 sport ESPN dynasty league

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Needs ONE owner for one set of teams. The set of teams is good with strong teams across the board.

Proboards with constitution and other various league topics. Have in depth MiLB systems. Cross sport trading. 12 teams. 40 man rosters. Every owner is trading, FAAB through ESPN. A lot of activity. 8 cat b-ball, standard rosters, hockey is standard Baseball is 7x7, standard rosters with 5 sp 3 RP and 2 P. 2 utl 4 OF, 1 INF h2h each cat, football is .5 ppr standard rosters with additional flex Practice squad for NFL. KEEP ALL.! $20 a sport. Very active and owners are awesome and in multiple leagues of mine throughout the leagues I run and can vouch for me/the leagues. Use groupme chat for communication and for our drafts in each league.

Please PM me and I will send you the open set. MLB draft is about to start so payment would be needed.


Please PM me. Thank you!

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On 3/12/2019 at 6:47 PM, winterknight83 said:

I'm in if you have a spot



Sent you email

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Sent email. Thanks. Always looking for potential owners or leagues to join that are worth it.

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